hi i’m Molly Claire and I’m A Social Media Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, I help start-ups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and photographers, like you, make the most of your time by taking over the more mundane administrative tasks so they can focus on the bigger picture. Since starting I have developed skills in social media marketing & management, community development, content creation, and so much more.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. The term originated in the 1990s when the ability to work virtually through new technology, such as high-speed Internet, document sharing, and other improvements, made working remotely a new reality.

Check all that apply:
🗹 You are ready for your business to take off.
🗹 You want to maximize income and facilitate growth.
🗹 You are comfortable delegating.
🗹 You admit you cannot do everything, not as effectively and efficiently as you hope.
🗹 You want to spend more time focusing on the bigger picture rather than managing the day-to-day emails, scheduling, or updating your social accounts.

If you said “YES” to at least one of these, consider hiring a VA.

Why me?

With my nearly 4 years of experience working with a range of up and coming editorial, marketing, and fashion/beauty brands, as well as small town start-ups in my university’s own backyard, I have learned the ins and outs of different working styles, brand & business development, and social media strategies.

I am capable of completing all the more mundane media tasks that take up your time such as answering press inquiries, product photography, and engaging with your audience.

But not everyone knows the hidden secrets of how to use Instagram to its full potential that I do. That’s where I can really shine.

Are you feeling lost on Instagram? Or maybe you have some knowledge of Instagram, but really want to focus your time on other areas of your business. That’s where I come in.

Contact me via to get started!

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✓ Kick off call

✓ Brand identity audit + vision board

✓ Audit recap and strategy call

✓ Optimized Bio + Posting Schedule

✓ Custom IG highlights design



✓ Kick off call

✓ Hashtag performance audit

✓ Audit recap and strategy call

✓ Creation of a Core Hashtag List

✓ Unlimited support via email



✓ Kick off call

✓ Followers vs. Following audit

✓ Audit recap and strategy call

✓ Curated DM templates

✓ Unlimited support via email



✓ Kick off call

✓ Weekly recaps

✓ 3 Instagram posts per week, including captions + hashtags

✓ Weekly engagement

✓ Unlimited support via email



Complete Instagram Overhaul

✓ 30-Minute kick off call

✓ Followers vs. Following, Hashtag Performance + Brand Identity 5+ page audit

✓ 30-Minute audit recap and strategy call + Bi-weekly Touch Base

✓ 5 Weekly Instagram posts, including engaging captions and hashtags following optimized posting schedule

✓ Creation of a Core Hashtag List

✓ Custom IG Story Templates + IG Highlights

✓ Daily Community Engagement + 3 DM Pods

✓ Unlimited support via email

$500 start-up fee


Instagram Consulting

For those who are looking to shake up their strategy or feel they have fallen in a slump, I also offer a one-time consultation service.

✓ 30-Minute Starting Consultation Call

✓ A 2+ page Instagram audit of your full account

✓ 30-minute phone call to discuss your audit + new strategy

✓ Unlimited support via email