Six Ways To Stay In Touch With College Friends After Graduation

They say you find your lifelong friends in college, but what happens when you graduate? How do friends move states away and keep their chosen families alive? It’s understandable to lose track of friendships after graduation—life happens, you get caught up in the stress of officially being an adult, find a job, rent, etc. and sometimes you just forget to check-in because you don’t see your friends every day anymore. However, your friendships don’t have to dwindle away, at least if you don’t want them to.  Here’s a list of ways to keep your friendships on the up, and ways to stay connected with each other, after college.


1. Create a group text or GroupMe

The fastest way of communication is with your phone and with today’s technology you friends can be right at your fingertips. A great way to keep in touch with your friends from college is by creating a group text. You’ll all be able to talk, keep eachother updated, and plan reunions when everyone’s free every once in awhile. And whenever you are working or just need some quiet time you can utilize the do-not-disturb feature to remind yourself, you’re not still in college.


2. Celebrate each other’s birthdays & other big events

One big way that friends usually come together is during birthdays and holidays.  Remembering to celebrate each other on the one day you call your own can be really special and a lasting tradition you friends will really appreciate. Some ideas could include sending funny birthday cards that everyone signs, maybe even sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants-style send a box from location to location so everyone has a chance to add to the gift before the lucky friend gets their gift.

3. Celebrate the forgotten holidays together

And as for holidays, picking one to celebrate each year as a group can be a great way to get everyone together. Especially holidays like New Years, the Fourth of July, Cinco De Mayo, and Saint Patrick's Day, where young adults aren’t as expected to spend the days with their family, could be the perfect opportunity to get the gang back together.

4. Watch TV shows together

For shows that run on cable that each have their own day of the week, go ahead and invite over those close by for weekly watch parties. Make it even more fun by adding food and wine, especially if it’s a Bachelor or Bachelorette night. But since almost everything we watch on TV can be streamed, a great way to keep your friendship fun is to binge watch your favorite show together too. If you’re close in location, you can have a weekly night to come over and watch together or if not, watch shows book club style. Start by picking an episode to watch up to and then facetime each other to chat about what's happened once you both get there. Or why not, just start a book club? Take turns picking the book each month and then all hopping on group Facetime to chat about it.


5. Create a monthly activity

Having a weekly night to binge watch shows can also be turned into a monthly tradition with other activities. Scheduling a wine night or a movie night with your friends every month can easily become a tradition that lasts. One super fun idea could be, to have monthly wine nights via a video chat to catch up. You can even make it feel like your friends are right there with you by drinking the same wine and eating the same snacks.

If you guys are foodies, Sunday brunch once a month at new restaurants is always a fun way to spend time together if you’re close enough to drive. Even for the times where everyone is balling on a budget, cooking together at someone’s house or having picnics in a park will still bring everyone together. And for a healthy activity, you can practice yoga in the park, throw a frisbee around, or create obstacle courses to race each other in.


6. Plan a group vacation

Adult life and a 9 to 5 can often get stressful, if you’re not careful, you could work yourself too much. It’s important to take time to relax and rejuvenate, and why not bring your friends along? A fun way to reconnected could be to meet up on vacations somewhere. Why travel to someone's hometown when you can go to a new city, none of you have explored before. You also can go more simple and plan a road trip to see each other. And if your friend group is into music, a fun idea would be to roadtrip to different music festivals. There’s nothing like music to bring people together.

Maintaining your friendships after college may be a little harder, but it's not impossible if everyone makes the effort to keep it fun and active. Adding some of these activities into your routine post-grad will definitely keep you connected and may even bring you closer together.