My Daily Skincare Routine

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my daily skin care routine because my skin and my relationship with my skin has come a LONGG way in the past year and I feel like we’re maybe starting to get each other.

The best part is my current skin routine is easy, quick, and CHEAP!! However, I am no dermatologist and these are simply the products that have worked for my skin so I do NOT recommend going out and purchasing my whole routine, but bits and pieces are for sure a must for everyone to try. You can never go wrong with a good moisturizer.

For me, finding my routine started by committing to avoid expensive products unless they were a free sample. The worst thing you can do for you skin is falling trap to some damn good marketing. Read up and do your research and I promise you you can get the same result for half the price.

And as always, it’s not all about what you put on your face it’s about what you put in your body too. Now, I guarantee I am NOT the poster child for clean eating but I do recommend watching how much water you’re drinking. Dehydrated skin is unhappy skin.  

But without further ado,

~ ♡ M O R N I N G   R O U T I N E ♡ ~

  1. Step 1. I start by cleansing my face with one of three gentle cleansers, the Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser, the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel, or the Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Cleanser depending on how I’m feeling.

  2. Step 2. Next up, MOISTURIZER! All of them, jk just my favorite and since my skin tends to be acne prone, my go to is Alba Botanica’s Natural AcneDote Oil Control Face Lotion. I usually pack it on, letting one layer soak in before putting on another. It’s my absolutely favorite because it contains 2% salicylic acid so it’s working double duty by moisturizing and clearing my skin.

  3. Step 3. Lastly, I spray my face with Mario Badescu’s Green Facial Spray before applying any makeup.

~ ♡ N I G H T T I M E   R O U T I N E ♡ ~

  1. Step 1. Wipe off ALL makeup before bed with an Ulta Beauty Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Towelette. My skin is super sensitive so most makeup wipes have always irritated my skin and I used to avoid them completely but since discovering Ulta Beauty’s towelettes I’ve found there is no better way to start off my nightly routine. And they’re also perfect for the nights I’m too drained for my full routine.

  2. Step 2. I wash my face with on of my fave gentle cleansers. Just like my morning routine, I typically rotate the same three each night.

  3. Step 3. After cleansing, I dry my face and use either the AcneDote Deep Clean Astringent or Pixi’s Glow Tonic. For AcneDote, I’ll soak a cotton swab and run the product over the areas of my skin that either have breakouts or are prone to breakouts but for Glow Tonic, I simply soak the cotton swab and run the product all over my face and neck. Make sure to let the product dry down before putting anymore products on your face.

  4. Step 4. MOISTURIZE! Alba Botanica’s Natural AcneDote Oil Control Face Lotion always does the trick for me and two layers is a must before bed.

  5. Step 5.  And for my last step, I typically spray my face with the Mario Badescu Green & Purple Facial sprays.

COMMENT BELOW: What’s your skincare must have?

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