How I Survived The Senior Scaries


Senior year of college was by far the most stressful year of my life and having two majors I could essentially spin into whatever role I wanted, didn’t make it any better.

Even though I had some ideas of what I wanted to do, I kept questioning myself and applying for as many job opportunities as possible. But, almost every interview, meeting, and email thread left me even more confused.

I had always dreamed of packing up my life and finding myself a small studio full of charm in Boston, but logistically I would only be racking up expenses while also racking up distance between me and my chosen family. With a mom, dad, dog, and boyfriend back in Connecticut that loved me, I knew I couldn’t stray too far.

And then there was blogging, could I swing this full time? Or get a job in a part time role and spend my other working hours on my passion projects? As much as this seemed viable, I had looked forward to a steady income for awhile and wasn’t about to give that dream up.

After deciding I wanted to find a full time role that would allow me to savor my twenties, I started to make some serious job search mistakes.


  • I applied to almost every job on LinkedIn that had even the slightest link to my credentials and personality;

  • I focused on getting any job, not the quality of jobs I was applying for;

  • and interviewed multiple times for multiple companies, even when I knew I didn’t like the company or the job. And inevitably, I got burnt out.

I had all the tools I needed, but I wasn’t using them correctly and all I got was overwhelmed. So I started over.

I took to my notebook to truly flesh out what I wanted for my career.


  • A full time job with benefits

  • Located in a reasonable distance from my hometown

  • Doing brand development: graphic design, social media management, etc.

  • A small company where I can have a real impact

When I looked at the four things on my list I realized that this was not unreasonable, and I could find it.

And while, I’m not there yet, still searching, living my best life grabbing brunch with my mama and selling Aerie swim for the extra cash.

So if you’re in the thick of the senior scaries my biggest piece of advice is stop being overwhelmed. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but take a deep breath and really think out what you want. What do you want out of a job? What do you actually want to be doing after you graduate? Maybe jumping into a full time job in your field isn’t for you. Maybe you want to freelance while squatting at your friends still in college apartments for a year? Maybe you want to work at an tattoo shop in Europe while you backpack for a year? Maybe you didn’t get into the grad school you wanted, and you’d really rather have a part-time job and study to re-apply than be working in a role that isn’t your dream? Maybe you have a passion project you want to finally turn into a business? Whatever it is, sit down with yourself and figure out what it is you want, and then take it one day a time until you get there.