Five Unexpected Ways To Unwind After Work

Class and work, as we know, can be extremely stressful! There are so many moments in the day totally out of our control and the stress of not getting it all done and what’s to come tomorrow always used to weigh me down into the evening. Before I started focusing on unwinding and relaxing after work, I would carry that stress throughout the rest of my night and even wake up anxious about getting to work. And it’s often caused sleep issues, achy muscles, and let’s be real, fights with my family and boyfriend.

After a while, I really started to find the value in putting effort into unwinding after work. What could I do, even for 15 minutes, that would help me let go of the stress I had throughout the day?

Here’s what I’ve tried. What tactics have you used to unwind after work? Comment below!


There’s something about adult coloring books, with all the lines and complicated patterns, that can completely distract you. After a busy or stressful day, this can be an amazing way to take you mind off all of it. I personally love to spring for kids coloring books too, they’re much cheaper and a lot of the times easier to not mess up. For a perfectionist like me, I love that they don’t require as much attention and allow me to color while also holding a conversation with my loved ones.


I don’t know about y’all, but fresh air does wonders for my brain. Without any destination, I have loved getting out and moving my body, without working it too hard, and taking in the scenery. If I’ve had a long day, I like to put on a podcast, my favorite Spotify playlist, or even grab the ear of my boyfriend and just go for a stroll.


I love self-care and a good face mask when it’s the last thing you feel like you should be doing always feels even a little bit more sneaky and indulgent. Self-care means something different for everyone, but for me, I always feel my best when I’m allow my needs and wants to come first. From taking a dip in a pool, to skincare, I feel refreshed knowing that I’m living my life doing the things I love.


It’s really important to understand where you get your energy from, introverts may not love some extra quality time but I personally get my best energy from the people I’m closest to, so spending time with my family and friends is one of the best ways to cure my stress after a long day. Being able to talk with my people, and understand that everyone has challenges at work and in life often really helps me.

You can also always even suggest going to Happy Hour with work friends. Be sure to leave your work at work though and focus on getting to know your colleagues instead of ranting about your boss or a big project coming up.


Once I finally figured out what kind of books I was interested in (young adult rom coms and self-help), I was able to really sit down with one for hours. Instead of feeling wrapped up in work stress, I find myself wrapped up in lives of fictional characters. Inevitably, I also feel joy when things work out for them and often enjoy a good ‘life’s not always sunflowers and rainbows’ ending to put life back into perspective too.

So there you have it, unwinding after work is so important – especially for all of us boss babes who are always on the grind. What helps you unwind after work? Comment below!